Temperature & Humidity Calibration


Oven Surveys

Our Fluke data acquisition systems allow us to characterize your ovens using 10 probe locations in real time. This can help determine if there are problems with achieving set points and look for zone heating and cooling problems within your chamber area.

Humidity Instrument Calibration Services

Humidity calibrations are performed using various methods of generation, including using humidity salts monitored by a high precision temperature and humidity measuring system. As always, if there are adjustments needed, we will do it. When repair or replacement is the only option, you will always be notified, quoted, and given the choice.

Laboratory equipment and processes are often sensitive to ambient temperature and humidity, while deviations outside the expected limits can ruin temperature-sensitive work. Temperature and humidity calibration from the professionals at ICS, LLC keeps your facility moving forward. ICS utilizes highly trained staff and a broad range of instrumentation from Fluke, Hart, Vaisala, and Mikron to both generate and measure in our lab or on-site at your facility.

Thermometer Probe Calibration Services

We have the ability to simulate thermocouple and RTD for generation and measure for general purpose indicators meters and thermometers. We maintain various dry blocks and temperature baths to accommodate thermometer probe calibration between -5 to 660 °C. For non-contact measurements, we use a black body source that can generate from ambient to 400 °C.

Temp and Humidity Capabilities Include:

Thermocouple Calibrators

RTD Calibrators

Dry Block Calibrators up to 600 °C

Infrared Thermometers up to 400 °C


Temperature Indicators

Temperature Baths

Temperature Probes

Relative Humidity (RH) Meters

Oven Calibration and Surveys

Temp Controllers

Why ICS for Temperature & Humidity Instrument Calibration Solutions?

The team at ICS offers efficient and accurate instrument calibration for sensitive pieces of equipment, onsite or in our lab. We've stocked our environmentally controlled lab with temperature and humidity calibration equipment for the most sensitive devices.

Our onsite visits reduce your downtime while providing instrument calibration services. When the job is over, you'll have access to your reports and important documentation through ICS Live.

In a hurry? Ask about our expedited service option. To learn more about our accurate calibration services, request a consultation or call 724-846-0136 for a quote.