Laboratory Calibrations: Our Lab Rocks!

Our environmentally-controlled laboratory is state-of-the-art, and our experienced technicians are highly skilled in multiple disciplines, allowing them to calibrate a diverse range of instruments at our facility. ICS offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the many needs and requirements of our customers.

Our calibration capabilities include:

Optical/Video Measuring

Let us come to you! Reduce downtime and increase productivity at your facility by utilizing our onsite calibration services. Our highly-trained technicians will come to your facility to complete maintenance checks, calibrations, and repairs* on your equipment. With this service, you will have the added benefit of having a profession metrologist on hand to educate and answer questions concerning your equipment.
(*repair service is limited to parts availability)

Need new equipment? No problem. ICS offers competitive pricing on new equipment purchases. For your added convenience, we can arrange to have your new equipment sent directly to our location, where it can be calibrated to your specifications before returning to your facility.

In a hurry? Not to worry! Ask about our Expedited Service option, and get up to code and back in action in no time. For added convenience, we even offer a regional Pickup/Drop off service!

Misplaced paperwork? Surprise Audit? Sign up for ICS LIVE and get instant access to your calibration certificates from any computer at any time. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s free!

Equipment out of calibration? How’d that happen! 

With ICS, keeping track of calibration cycles is one less headache you’ll need to worry about. Once we’ve serviced your equipment, you’ll receive automatic recall notices one month prior to the end of each calibration cycle. This not only helps you stay up-to-date on your requirements, it also allows time to prepare for scheduling and eliminates the stress that comes with using equipment that was out of calibration.