About ICS


Instrument Calibration Solutions provides reliable calibration services to customers from industries nationwide.

As an A2LA certified company, we offer complete metrology and repair solutions for a variety of equipment, including electrical, mechanical, optical/visual, pressure, force, process control units, and more, to help your business meet documentation and quality requirements.

We're a precision metrology provider founded in 2004 by seasoned Marine Corps Metrologists David Beier and Darrell Martin. In 2021, we joined a partnership with Bechbuhler Scales and B-Tek Scales with the goal of providing turnkey calibration solutions to our customers.

Today, ICS serves clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. The partnership between ICS, Bechbuhler Scales, and B-Tek Scales helps us provide complete metrology solutions for calibration and repair of electrical, mechanical, optical, and process control instruments. Our calibration capabilities include dimensional, electrical, torque, pressure, temperature & humidity, with specialized expertise in force and optical calibration.

About ICS Quality

ICS is a provider of calibration and repair services to a broad spectrum of industries that have various quality system requirements.

Our quality policy statement is “Premier Quality through Dedication and Integrity”.

Today’s customers demand quality not only in the end product, but also in the process. ICS recognizes this. We accomplish this through a quality system that realizes integrity. ICS empowers each employee to resolve all customer service and quality issues completely and effectively by utilizing any and all resources at their disposal.

Given the attributes expected of our employees, it is the objective and responsibility of ICS management to ensure that:

The ICS laboratory’s management is committed to good professional practice and to the quality of its testing and calibration in servicing its customers.

Each ICS employee will maintain a standard of service that is in accordance with stated methods and exceeds the most stringent needs of our customers.

The purpose of this management system is to ensure that the quality of our service is in accordance with stated methods and exceed the most stringent needs of our customers.

All personnel concerned with calibration activities within the laboratory familiarize themselves with the quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work.

The laboratory’s management is committed to compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

The highest ethical standards are promoted from the top down.

ICS maintains a working environment that will enable employees to realize their maximum career potential.

Continuous improvement is achieved by allowing new ideas to be conveyed openly. Thus achieving increased quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


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