Instrument Calibration Solutions (ICS) Expands its Portfolio with the Acquisition of Inspection Technologies

Instrument Calibration Solutions (ICS) Expands its Portfolio with the Acquisition of Inspection Technologies

Canton, OH – Instrument Calibration Solutions (ICS), a leading provider of calibration and measurement solutions, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Inspection Technologies, a prominent company in the field of non-touch measurement and inspection equipment. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in ICS’s growth journey and reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to its customers.

About Instrument Calibration Solutions (ICS)

ICS, LLC. provides complete metrology solutions for calibration and repair of electrical, mechanical, optical, and process control instruments to meet your most stringent documentation and quality requirements. ICS calibration services meet the applicable requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and ISO/IEC 17025, using standards with accuracies traceable to NIST or compared to nationally or internationally recognized consensus standards.
Founded in 2004 by seasoned Marine Corps Metrologists David Beier and Darrell Martin, ICS, LLC. prides itself on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our background in the United States Marine Corps calibration program gave us a high-level of knowledge in electrical and mechanical metrology.

About Inspection Technologies

Inspection Technologies has been a leading provider of cutting-edge precision measurement and inspection equipment for more than a decade. The company specializes in the development and distribution of non-contact measurement systems, with a particular focus on the Optical Gaging Products (OGP) product line. OGP’s innovative technologies have set the standard in the industry for precise and non-invasive measurement solutions.

A Strategic Acquisition

The acquisition of Inspection Technologies by ICS is a strategic move aimed at broadening the range of products and services offered to customers. ICS has a well-established presence in calibration and measurement solutions, and the addition of Inspection Technologies complements its capabilities by adding OGP non-contact measurement systems to its portfolio.
The OGP product line, known for its cutting-edge technology and precision, brings unique advantages to ICS and its customers. OGP non-touch measurement systems are widely recognized for their accuracy and reliability, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and more. These systems provide fast, non-destructive, and highly accurate measurements, offering significant advantages over traditional measurement methods.

Benefits of the Acquisition

  1. Expanded Product Portfolio: The acquisition of Inspection Technologies allows ICS to diversify its product portfolio. By incorporating OGP non-contact measurement systems, ICS can better serve industries that demand precise and efficient measurement solutions.
  2. Enhanced Expertise: Inspection Technologies brings a wealth of experience and expertise in precision measurement and inspection systems. This knowledge transfer will further strengthen ICS’s capabilities and provide customers with the highest level of support.
  3. Improved Customer Service: ICS is committed to providing exceptional service to its customers. The acquisition of Inspection Technologies will enable ICS to enhance its customer service by offering a broader range of cutting-edge products and services.
  4. Industry Leadership: By combining the strengths of both companies, ICS is positioned to become a market leader in calibration, measurement, and inspection solutions. This acquisition represents a significant step towards ICS’s goal of shaping the future of measurement technology.

About OGP Non-Contact Measurement Systems

OGP non-contact measurement systems are known for their advanced optical and imaging technologies, making them ideal for applications that require precise measurements without physical contact. These systems are widely used in industries where accuracy, speed, and non-destructive testing are crucial. OGP’s products have a proven track record of improving efficiency and quality in manufacturing processes.

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