How to Choose an Optical / Video Calibration Company

Achieving Precision with ICS: Optical and Video Measuring System Calibration

In the realm of precision measurement, the calibration of optical and video instruments is a pivotal aspect of maintaining high standards of accuracy and reliability. Instrument Calibration Solutions (ICS) stands at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art calibration services for optical comparators, microscopes, and video measuring systems. This blog dives into why ICS is your ideal partner for ensuring that your optical and video equipment operates at its peak performance.

Comprehensive Calibration and Maintenance Process

Our process begins with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your equipment is addressed:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Starting with a gentle yet effective cleaning using a mild detergent to degrease the machine’s exterior. This step includes cleaning and lubricating accessible lead-screws and bearing ways, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Optics Inspection and Cleaning: We inspect and clean all optics, including lenses, mirrors, stage glass, and monitor/chart glass with coating-safe lens cleaner and lint-free tissues, ensuring optimal clarity and performance.
  • Mechanical Adjustments: Removal of burrs and high spots from the table surface and ways, enhancing the machine’s precision and smoothness.
  • Light Source Alignment: Aligning and collimating the light source parallel to the optics, crucial for accurate measurements.

World-Class Calibration Services

Our calibration service is comprehensive, including before and after adjustment data to demonstrate the improvements made:

  • Comparator Calibration: Includes focus squareness, table squareness, perpendicularity of axes, edge detection accuracy, magnification and distortion accuracy, chart angular rotation, X & Y axes lead accuracy, and more.
  • Video Measuring Machine Calibration: Focuses on table flatness, focus squareness, par-focalization and par-centrality of zoom lens, edge detection accuracy, stage squareness, Z axis linear calibration, and linear or nonlinear grid data.
  • Measuring Microscope Calibration: Addresses table flatness, focus squareness, stage squareness, reticle scale magnification accuracy, crosshair rotation, and X & Y axis lead accuracy.

Why Choose ICS for Your Calibration Needs?

  • Onsite and Laboratory Adjustments: Our professionals perform adjustments both onsite and in our fully equipped lab, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
  • Expedited Services Available: For those in a rush, we offer expedited services to meet your urgent needs without compromising quality.
  • Repair Services: Beyond adjustments, we have the capability to repair even some of the oldest machines, extending the life of your valuable equipment.
  • Transparent Data: All calibrations include before and after data, accessible through your ICS Live login, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Partnering with ICS: Your Solution for Optical/Video Instrument Precision

Choosing ICS means selecting a partner committed to precision, reliability, and outstanding customer service. Our comprehensive calibration process, combined with our expertise in handling a wide range of optical and video measuring instruments, ensures that your equipment delivers the accuracy and performance you need. Whether you require routine calibration or urgent adjustments, ICS is here to support your precision measurement needs, keeping your operations accurate and efficient.